You think about the image you want, still or video.

Your idea, your concept. 

It does not have to be final.

Every shoot is different and this is your picture.

Bring a property to market

Every property is illustrated with pictures.

No longer restricted to ground based photographs,  add a third dimension to the view of the property,

putting it in the context of the landscape and surroundings. 

A picture paints a thousand words, that aerial shot may just be the tipping point in catching someone's eye and  then their interest.  


Use a short 10 second video to add an extra view that makes the difference.

Planning that special occasion

Photography is so much part of any special occasion,  think of adding a drone shot in the media mix to give perspective and add interest.

Ever seen it from the air?

Perhaps you could glide like a bird coming in for a long graceful landing, changing angles, light and shade playing in the setting sun.

You do not see that from the ground.

Survey a roof or inspect the chimney

The roof you keep meaning to fix, but where to start?

A good roofer can take one look at the underside of a roof and guestimate what is required. 

But how much better if you had inspection pictures or video from the topside of the roof!

A manual inspection may be costly and complicated with scaffolding and safety precautions. 

And there may only be one slipped tile!

But a roof survey or gutter inspection can be carried out with a drone without the need for scaffolding, quickly and safely,  recording the state of the roof for careful analysis and for future reference in maintenance schedules.

Recording the progress of a construction site

Time lapse photography produces a remarkable record when applied to a construction project.

Photographs taken from the same high point at regular intervals build up into a visual map of the progress and a record of the project. 

Useful for the builders portfolio and managing the clients investment.

Modern super sharp miniaturised cameras and a drone can get that special shot, with the minimum of intrusion, operating close to people and buildings, hovering still whilst photographing, capturing detail from high and inaccessible places, for later detailed analysis on a screen.

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