Bring a property to market

Still Photographs Package

The typical shoot may result in perhaps 10 still pictures, edited, and made available for you to use on a website.

If you need more we will shoot more.  We may have to get a different shot with the sun in a better place.

Our goal is to provide you with the set of still photographs you can use to help market the property.

Price €400 including tax.

Still and Movie Package

The well edited short video may add an extra dimension when presenting a property.

Ten seconds (max!) is a good guideline for a property related video. 

With a Still and Movie package we provide both the stills you require and three 10 second video clips. The complete aerial image package.

Price €700 including tax.

Survey a roof or inspect chimney

Visual Real Time Inspection

Make use of a visual inspection on a section of a roof, examining the detail through the on board camera in real time.

Price € 175 per hour including tax

Roof Survey Record

Create a photographic record of the whole roof for future reference.

Provided as a set of still photographs to compliment your project.

Price €500 including tax.

Every shoot is different

Guide Prices

The variety of jobs that can be performed using a drone based photographic platform is ever expanding, every site and job is  different, so it is not feasable to publish an exhaustive price list.

These prices are a guide to indicate a likely cost if the job is similar to the brief description below.

Please contact us using the information on the Contact page to discuss your requirements.

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