We are an English speaking company, based in the south Charente, one hour north of Bordeaux.

We speak French too!


We are a drone based photographic service, we put a camera aloft to capture still or video images.

There is much to do before takeoff, not least the small issue of pilot training and registration with the DGAC .

But we do all that flying stuff and keep it all legal as part of the service.

You want to capture that high up shot or video a particular view.

We do the bit between that thought and seeing the final image on a screen.


We don't just take photos or fly drones, there is a little more to it than that.

After all, how difficult is it to press a button?


We provide the expertise that is required to fly drones in France safely and legally,  providing you with professional images that enhance your project.

Contact us using the details on the Contact page, it's good to talk.


Long before any flying we listen to find out what you want.

Every shoot is different and this is your picture.


After we process the images we share them with you.  Now you can see them.
Experience tells us that seeing is believing - 'I didn't know what I wanted until I saw it'.
Direction is much easier when you can point to something and say this works or that bit does not.

Then we can refine it.


Photography may start with a vague concept, a "make it look like this" idea perhaps,

or fully planned storyboards, given the chance these develop and evolve, to create the end product.

So we expect things to change because we know sometimes the path to the end result is not always a straight line, and the opportunities that arise can be harnessed.

We provide all the flying and technical aspects of the photography, do it all legally with registration to the DGAC, comply with their rules and regulations, so you can get on with your idea.

Let's see where your idea ends up.




Every video needs editing, some photos need adjusting, some need cropping.

Photography these days includes post production manipulation of the original image in some way,

even if only to convert it into a user friendly format.


I have run my own software development company for the last twenty years,

creating management apps for various corporates.

No one sees the techy bits that make it all work,  just the image on the screen!

In  1997 I started flying hang gliders, still the closest thing to free soaring bird flight. Magical.

I qualified as a microlight pilot in 2001, and since have recorded over 400 hours flying various weightshift aircraft.  I have flown over the channel five times and I hope I will do so again.

When you fly for real, when it hurts if you get it wrong, you absorb the ethos associated with safe flight, the preparation with maps and weather, the pre flight inspection of the aircraft, the look out for hazards in general and other aircraft in particular, and knowing where you are, which always helps.

Flying talk is full of little tales designed to pass on pearls of wisdom.

"Time to get your pilot head on."

"It's better to be down here wishing I was up there than up there wishing I was down here."

​"There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots".

"The only time you have too much fuel on board is when you are on fire."

And so on.

You never just fly around the sky without a direction, maps, fuel, radio frequencies, a route planned.

This ethos of safety and preparation is just as applicable when in control of an un manned aircraft.

The flying is easy, it is all the thought and preparation that goes in before takeoff that makes the flight hassle free, safe and successful.

May all your landings be into wind.




All drone operations in France are highly regulated.
That is the norm now worlwide, the UK, France, Germany, the USA and others are all highly regulated environments.

Flying drones in France is strictly controlled by the DGAC, the French equivalent of the CAA in the UK.
All drone operators in France are required to be registered with the DGAC and fulfil other legal and flying related obligations.
Under these rules and regulations flying in built up areas or close to some sites requires special permission.
Just as in the UK, the authorities encourage compliance with these rules.

Simon Stone
La Haute Vue
Registered with the DGAC to operate drones in France - operator number ED4812.
Business registered in France,  siret number - 81016713000022.

We are a drone photography service,
registered with the DGAC (number ED4812),
qualified to fly,
experienced to do it safely.  
Let's get the job done, hassle free.

Photo drone operations.
Still and video.
RAW images or post production with editing.


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